Investigative Reports: Arab journalists meet for fifth investigative journalism conference

Arab journalists meet for fifth investigative journalism conference

Over 300 journalists will meet in Cairo for the fifth annual investigative journalism conference.


From 23-25 November, Cairo hosts the fifth annual conference for Arab Investigative journalists

Over 300 Arab journalists and a number of international media experts are set to meet in Cairo to exchange expertise, skills and tools, as part of the fifth ARIJ conference for Arab investigative journalists.

The conference is live-streamed from 23 November at 11am (UTC+02:00) below.

During the three-day conference, journalists and mentors will share their in-depth reports from Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Egypt, Bahrain, Iraq, Yemen and Tunisia.

Participants are also set to discover innovative ways of producing investigations with workshops on data mining, advanced search techniques and how infographics can be used in investigstive reporting.

A number of international investigative reporters, pioneering editors and media professors will be joining the conference to showcase their wor

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