Friday, September 22, 2023

How to Get NIRIJ Donation

The Network of Iraqi Reporters for an Investigative Journalism (NIRIJ) presents annually several donations to the Iraqi journalists who intend to perform detailed investigative reports directly supervised by NIRIJ.

If you are an Iraqi journalist and work for an Iraqi, Arabic or international media organization, or if you are a freelance journalist and aspire to perform a systematic investigative report based on a crucial idea, supported by documented facts and shed light on a negative phenomenon whose disclosure may lead to a positive change in the Iraqi society, you can get a donation from NIRIJ to perform your report professionally.

Over the past period NIRIJ supported investigative reports that dealt with the causes behind increasing the number of the women who committed suicide by burning themselves in Kurdistan and the reasons behind the governmental and civil authorities’ failure to put an end to this dangerous phenomenon, NIRIJ also supported an other report that focused on the legal gaps of the Iraqi Homeless Law which cause in involving homeless people in the armed groups, stealing gangs and organized crime networks. It also supported detailed investigative reports in the different Iraqi cities such as Baghdad , Mosul , Basra , Erbil and Sulaimanyah in addition to continuous support to other reports that are being worked on in several southern, northern and middle provinces in Iraq.

The donation that NIRIJ grants to the Iraqi journalists, in the case it agrees on funding the report, covers the costs of air and ground transportation within Iraq, accommodation, communication and internet services, translating the crucial documents required for making the report, costs of laboratory testing, costs of accessing useful online data resources, in addition to 500$ to 750$.

The journalist, who intends gaining the donation, presents the whole budget attached to the application directed to NIRIJ for accomplishing the report.

How to Get NIRIJ Donation
NIRIJ supports the reports that include an innovative investigative idea that interests the public, the supposition presented to NIRIJ need to be clear, with a core that may be investigated. NIRIJ does not accept reports based on general ideas such as (Drugs in Basra, Pollution in Baghdad, Violation in Mosul, Financial corruption of the Reconstruction Contracts and Selling Human Organs in Iraq), it only accepts assumptions that disclose a case which interests the public, and in which the journalist indicates the pillars of an investigate report; an issue (verb), the emitter (subject) and the victims (object).

Those who apply for a donation should have conducted initial researches on their report subjects, such as all published documents and reports or contacting required sources to make sure that the report can be accomplished and adopted by NIRIJ.

Subscription Application:-
Date of Birth and City:
Media Organization:
Job Title:
Report Subject:
Information on the applicant’s carrier, when did you start working as a journalist, what media organizations did you work for, and what do you do now:
What is the issue that you want to investigate in your report, what is your goal?
Have you obtained important facts and information that encouraged you to choose that topic, what are they?
How will you perform the report?
How much time do you need to perform the report?
Will you need to move to certain places to perform your report, what are those places?
Do you need translating documents, laboratory testing and distributing referendum forms? Why?
Do you think you have enough skills to perform the report or you need to get certain skills from NIRIJ to perform it?
Please attach the following to the donation application:
1. The report budget.
2. A written letter from the editor in chief of your media organization or any other media organization that shows their commitment to publish your report as soon as it is completed.
3. CV.